• You contact me describing your design problem
  • We communicate (via Email, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.)
  • After we agree on a project, you proceed with a 50% prepayment. Mind it is not refundable, so you’d better be sure about the project!
  • You fill in and send me back a Project design brief
  • I ask additional questions if needed
  • I process all information and start designing
  • I do visual research via sketching
  • I come up with up to 3 initial concepts and provide explanation of ideas behind them
  • We discuss a design and keep on working on 1 selected concept. Just in case you can’t accept any design, we again discuss it, and I will do another redesign round
  • Here goes up to 4 revision rounds when I refine and we finalize your logo. Mind that additional revisions will be charged extra!
  • You approve the logo and proceed with the rest 50% payment
  • I send you source files of your logo