Interested in a custom made logo design? Need help creating a logo? Want to buy logo design, create new logo design, redesign logo online, customize your logo, or get visual identity crafted for you? Let’s solve your branding challenges together.

Oleksandr Tovarkov designs logo, visual branding elements, visual identity systems, and likes to draw just for fun. ​He appreciates work, values time, prefers minimalism in design, ​and pays particular attention to quality and details.

I solve your visual communication problem by translating your needs and preferences into an effective design that works.

I can create new logo design, redesign logo, customize logo for you, build a business logo from scratch, develop a corporate identity package, style guides, and other branding visuals.

I don’t do multiple concepts and unlimited revisions.

I will present up to 4 concepts to spot the direction to move forward from. Instead of dispersing and creating several average concepts I prefer spend more hours on a single concept and polish it to perfection.

There will be up to 6 revision rounds of logo adjustments. Additional revisions will be charged extra. So keep in mind that only through a constructive client—designer dialogue a good design can be created.

  • You contact me and describe your design problem
  • We communicate
  • After we agree on a project you proceed with 50% prepayment (not refundable!) and I send you a Project design brief
  • I ask follow-up questions to understand your problem thoroughly
  • I process all information, immerse myself in a topic
  • I do visual research via sketching
  • I come up with first “working” design concepts (1 – 4) and provide explanation of an idea behind them
  • We discuss a design and keep on working on one selected concept. Just in case you can’t accept any design, we again discuss it, and I will do another redesign round
  • Then come up to 6 rounds (additional revisions will be charged extra!) when I refine and we finalize the logo
  • You approve the logo and proceed with remuneration
  • ​I send you source files of your logo

3 – 5 working days will normally take me to present first working logo concepts.
All the rest depends on the quality of our communication.

2 weeks can be enough to finalize your project if everything goes smoothly. But a good design should not be rushed.

The cost differs from project to project and is based on the scope of work. Normally it ranges within 1000 USD/EUR.

Timely responses and constructive feedback during a project are key components of smooth and successful completion.

50% prepayment is a guarantee you are serious about a project.

Consent to publish final designs in my portfolio on this site and social platforms.

I will respect your confidentiality, and if agreed beforehand I might not publish any information on a project at all.